Garage Door Parts

A plain garage door on the outside is made up of a complex assembly of mechanical parts inside it. Even the smallest parts have their specific functions to make the garage door work. Proper care can prevent them against wear and tear through proper and regular maintenance. Garage door parts must be inspected and oiled every month to experience their extent usability and to prevent damages to your property. But when you have a damaged part, you have to make certain to call a provider who could fix it and replace it with a nice spare from their inventory.

Garage door parts are essential for this makes your garage door move and work. Here is a list of parts to be seen in a garage door:

  • Bottom brackets
  • Garage door lubricants (metal or PVC)
  • C-shaped bumpers
  • Top brackets
  • Locks
  • Tracks (horizontal & vertical)
  • Track protectors
  • Lift cables / safety cables
  • Hinges
  • Rollers

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